Thursday, August 10, 2006

Titus Rules by Dick King-Smith

Ages 5+

Very fun children's read aloud about the British Royals and the Queen's love for corgi dogs. The dialog is laugh-out-loud humorous if you give each character a proper English voice and work it with wild abandon!

This book chronicles the adventures of Prissy's last and lone surviving pup: Titus. His obedience and loyalty wins him a place as the Queen's favorite amongst her many corgis.

In the beginning of the book, I was concerned about the seemingly contentious conversations between Elizabeth and her husband, Prince Philip, but with the proper inflection it is easy enough to show that these two really do love one another, and neither takes offense. It's a good springboard for discussion about how to recognize the error in that man's government does not always heed God's design.

There is some brief name-calling by a would-be robber to the loyal corgi who will foil his plans (chapter 6). There is use of the word, "cocky" by another dog jealous of Titus (chapter 8). And in later chapters, the Prince drinks whisky in the tub and a staffer smokes a cigarrette at his desk; HOWEVER, both wicked indulgences bear consequences (water damage/possible drowning and a fire, respectively) and offer another point of conversation about turning to vices rather than the Living Water for comfort and rest.

I give this book a grade of "C."

Post note: I'm sorry to say that not all this author's books are readable for the Christian family. Our next attempt at a story by King-Smith was about cats (good!) and reincarnation (bad). We did not read it.


David said...

Just wondered if you knew that in English English, 'cocky' just means 'over-confident in a slightly offensive manner'and nothing ruder! My kids loved 'Lady Daisy' and 'Saddlebottom' (it's a pig ok?!) by D.K-S as well.
Viv in UK

Grafted Branch@Restoring the Years said...

Yes, I'm sure it holds a different meaning in English English, but my littles speak American English. :) Also, I wasn't condemning the use (though, I personally don't want the word coming from my little girls, so I censored it) but rather, just informing so that others are better prepared to make their own choices. Thanks for stopping in!