Sunday, September 02, 2007

How Yussel Caught the Gefilte Fish: A Shabbos Story

by Charlotte Herman

Listening Age: 4+

I'm not even sure how we came across this one. It was long ago, and if you were to check our library history, I'm sure we've checked and rechecked it several times. All the girls love it, but particularly 7-year old Dumpling.

The story is of a simple Jewish family marking the weeks with the tradition of the Shabbos meal. Christian speak: Sunday dinner. Only, of course, they don't eat theirs on Sunday, but rather Friday night.

Yussel is a little boy who is growing up and surprised one Friday morning at the pre-dawn invitation to join his daddy on the fishing trip that will bring home the catch for that evening's special family meal to mark the beginning of the Sabbath.

While they enjoy a successful outing, Yussel is concerned that none of the fish is the right one; none is the anticipated Gefilte fish! But there is no reason for worry as later he will see how his mother's skill and love brings forth the prized plate amidst a growing crowd of extended family and visitors.

The relationships in the story are adorable, and I especially enjoyed how the storyteller lets Yussel discover for himself the secret of the Gefilte Fish, rather than have his father correct or direct his understanding.

This story is a nice selection for everyone, from the listening three year old all the way to the older teen or adult who has the privilege of finding young ones snuggled up for a story. Enjoy!

We give his book an "A."

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Mary@notbefore7 said...

OH...thanks for this. We are revisiting our Sabbath time and have been praying about the idea of a "shabot" dinner of sorts, but on Sat night - to welcome the Sabbath. Sounds like a book that would work to read so our kids can relate/understand.