Tuesday, October 16, 2007


by Carlo Collodi

Listening age: 5+

I was a bit hesitant to continue with this book before I had got very far because that Pinnochio--he's some kind of bad character! But, alas, his behavior does not go undisciplined, if only by the harsh consequences that come naturally (if you can call turning into a donkey, "natural").

The book is full of adventure and suspense, and after a horridly malicious start, the author manages to turn our sympathies toward the little wooden puppet.

In the end this rich piece of children's literature was quite enjoyable for all. There were even points in the story that brought Scriptural truths to mind very clearly. I think I'd like to read this one again in a few years, and make a point to research and line up the applicable Proverbs with it.

We give this book a "A-."

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Me said...

I have yet to read Collodi's telling but I had the sense of it that you give so that is good to know. Maybe it is time to get it out and read it.