Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hinds' Feet On High Places by Hannah Hurnard

Listening Age 4+

I don't usually prefer abridged versions or stories "retold," but I chose to bend with this one so that my younger girls could enjoy it. And they did. As did I.

I look forward to reading the original one day, but meanwhile, this sweetly-illustrated analogy was a delightful read and even convicting. Much-afraid is the main character who is challenged to overcome her fear and anxiety to follow the Great Shepherd. Her nemesis on the journey is her family of Fearful relatives; her helpers are Suffering and Sorrow.

Through the journey, the Great Shepherd is always available to her. He is quick to respond to her cry, is kind, patient and firm -- and in the end she learns to trust Him -- completely.

I give this book a grade of "B+."

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PepperLady said...

Hello Grafted,
This is Mel here who owns the blog at , u left a note there. I thought I'd view your blogs . I read Hind's Feet unabridged. It was a very good book, A grade. Hope to do read it.